House of Rym was built on a love affair. Between contemporary design and ancient handcraft. Between Sweden and Tunisia. Between intriguing aesthetics and sustainable materials.

Founders Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef share a passion for their cultural heritage. But also a belief that design-lovers from other continents deserve to enjoy a modern take on traditional products. Because when you love something there is nothing better than sharing it with others.

Rym and Zied sitting in their lounge with their dogs Kiwi and Hannibal.
To get that perfect mix and make their vision reality, Rym and Zied work with talented Swedish Designers Anna Backlund and Elisabeth Dunker. The result of this thrilling cooperation is House of Rym – the place where contemporary Scandinavian design and ancient Tunisian handcrafts fall head over heels. In love.

Anna backlund

In Anna’s point of view, House of Rym is about the founders’ ambitions to preserve Tunisian traditional craftsmanship and their bold decision to engage upcoming Scandinavian designers. All in order to create products that can be loved accessories in homes all over the world. Or, as she sums it up: courage, playfulness and warmth.

Elisabeth Dunker

Fusion, expressions and handcraft. For Elisabeth that’s House of Rym in a nutshell. In her own opinion she’s kind of an accidental designer. She loves playing around, doing what she finds inspiring at the moment and if she’s lucky the result is a success. But what she calls chance, we call great talent.

Since the beginning

It all began as late as in October 2011 when Anna got an email from someone in Tunisia, who praised her work for a Swedish home textiles brand and wondered if she was interested in designing foutas (traditional hammam towels). A flattering proposal that made Anna equally intrigued but skeptical. “ I immediately called Elisabeth to ask for advice, and as incredible it may sound, she had just received a similar email from the same person” says Anna. They decided to reply as a team and after that things happened fast.

From towels and rugs to porcelain and home accessories

A few weeks later (and many emails and skype calls), Anna and Elisabeth flew to Tunisia and once there, it was like sesame opened to them. Literally. “Starting off we were only supposed to design some patterns for their foutas, but when Rym and Zied showed us around in factories and workshops, we couldn’t stop ourselves” Anna laughs.
If we mentioned that we were interested in working with Porcelain they made a couple of phone calls and just a few of hours later we stood in a stunning porcelain plant in middle of the desert. We were like two kids in a candy store. A designer’s dream.

Focus on natural materials and recycling

Then, less than six months later, a complete collection of home furnishings has been launched. The collection was dominated by materials such as wool, porcelain, cotton and olive wood, but it also contained unique vintage cushions and ottomans re-deisgned from old hand-woven kilim rugs.

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