Catrin Blomqvist is a textile designer who lives in Majorna, Gothenburg with her husband Thomas and their two children, Märta och Frans. She has a BA degree from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, and that is where she found her love for textile screen-printing. After graduating, Catrin worked as a designer for different companies, such as Lindex, KappAhl and Lagerhaus. Catrin’s path crossed with House of Rym when she started designing for the AW17/18 collection for kids. We wanted to know a little bit more about Catrin!

What inspires you the most?
Oh, from travels. You get to see things from another perspective. New ideas come very easily when I am in a new environment and meet new people. I also find inspiration nearby, like seeing my kid’s school projects, a walk in Slottsskogen to cleanse the mind, stopping by a second hand shop in my neighbourhood, watching a good movie or reading a children’s book.

What attracted you to the House of Rym brand?
I like their contemporary yet simple pattern design and the handcrafted feeling to it.
And also like that it’s very easy to mix and match their products, like for example the porcelain. They are collectables to keep for a long time.
Describe your creative process.
In a new project the process often starts with a question: “Will I manage this?”… Then I think, “Go ahead, this can be fun!” It is like a stage fright, I guess, I think it will never stop, no matter how experienced you get. So I usually start by collecting inspiration, sketching with different materials and techniques. After a while, I push myself to start over again to see if there is another angle to it. Then something unexpected might happen and I find a new expression, and this is often the final result.

Tell me about the goals of this project you were doing with House of Rym and the thought process behind your solution.
It was basically to create playful, fun and irresistible products that you can pass on to your friends when you don’t need them anymore. Good quality is also important. We all need to try to think more sustainable and make products that last or can be recycled somehow.
Where did you come up with the idea for the Hanging Forest mobile?
The idea of this mobile was to mix our forest animals and exotic animals and that they could all be together in a friendly forest. First, it was meant to be a paper mobile, but I´m happy it came out in wood as it gave more value to the product and is more long lasting.

How about the Birdie Playmat? Where did that idea come from?
This bird started off as a print idea for a few products. Then we discussed that it would be nice to make a big floor playmat that doesn’t have the traditional rectangular shape. Later on we figured out it was very nice to hang on the wall too. So feel free to improvise!

Quick questions at the end for you!
What colours are you loving at the moment?

I love a bright blue, a dark green, brown and always yellow!

What materials are you into right now?
Wood, leather, heavy cotton canvas and paper.

What patterns are you into right now?
All sorts of botanical and nature patterns. But also abstract, arty patterns.

So finally, since you live in Gothenburg, tell us a little bit what is your favourite place to spend a weekend in Gothenburg and where should one go for a great cup of coffee?
Spring: In our allotment near Slottsskogen.
Summer: Catch the boat to any of the archipelago islands.
Autumn: Go for a walk in Änggårdsbergen or check out the flea markets around town
Winter: I´d rather be somewhere else.
For great coffee I suggest: What’s the Deli, Kafé Marmelad, Bar Centro

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