Our tiny friends in the ‘Oh what friendly face’ family all live in the friendly forest. Say Hi to Countess Toadstool, Miss Moss, Mister Cone, Lady Chanterelle, Baron Birch and our newest friend; Sir Blackberry.

They are the result of a nice collaboration between designers Elisabeth Dunker and Cecilia Pettersson.
We recently took few minutes to chat with Cecilia Pettersson about her creative process when designing ‘Oh what friendly face’ cups.

Tell us a little bit about these cups - what was the brief / concept?

We knew the shape of the cups and that they would be without handle. That "opened up" for designing some kind of character. We, Elisabeth and I, wanted to collaborate and since we both had worked with the Swedish forest as a theme in our previous design it felt natural to continue on the same path. The cups are the little creatures that live in the forest. The brown one is the cone, the pink the toadstool, the yellow the chanterelle, the green one moss...

What's your favourite thing about them?

I like how they "talk" to each other with their different faces. It ́s possbile to play with them while drinking from them and setting the table.

How did you create the designs? Were there any big challenges?

We actually did it like this: first i designed the pattern, the "hats", then I sent the files to Elisabeth and she made the faces. We didn't talk about how it would look at all, we just did our "part". I love how she gave them different expressions! Collaboration at it ́s best when every person gets to add his "things".

Tell us a bit about the products you create - do you have a particular style / aesthetic?

We have fun when we design. And we try to stretch the limit and make something unexpected. And playful.

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