So what is a fouta?

Foutas were originally used as hammam towels in the traditional Turkish baths and were essential accessories for women during the Ottoman Empire.

Today, more than a thousand years later the fouta has even more uses. It’s a luxurious bath towel, it’s a shawl, it’s a wrap, it’s a plaid, it’s a bed cover, it’s a tablecloth; it’s almost anything you want it to be. But most of all it’s an essential home accessory. And don’t forget to bring them outdoors. To the beach or just out on the porch.

Don’t be a fuss, bring fouta Frizzy
not fuzzy outside.

Our foutas are made of 100% natural cotton, hand woven on métiers à Tisser (weaving looms) just like the original hammam towels. They are machine- washable and we recommend washing them twice before use for perfect absorbency and softness.
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