what we are

House of Rym is a Swedish design brand renowned for its original mix and (un)match attitude to patterns and colours.

We design and produce all sorts of different items for an urban eco-aware lifestyle. Our assortment includes high-quality clothing, home décor items ranging from textiles to tableware, as well as a cute collection for kids.

Our very first collection, back in 2012, gave us a strong and unique identity with its contemporary yet quirky expression. It was the result of a love story between true Tunisian craftsmanship and the simplicity of Scandinavian design. Today, we have evolved our concept by blending influences from a variety of other cultures with the Swedish design. The playful eclecticism is an experience we really want to share with likeminded. The feeling of naturalness, a human touch and sustainability is our core and belief. A warm-hearted and friendly design created by a cultural fusion in order to give your home a unique air.

what we want

We are truly driven by our compassion to evoke a smile and to tickle your creative senses. Our goal is to surprise and to engage you with playfulness and artistry.

How we do it

We never compromise with our idea of having great fun on our path to great design ideas. Therefor we handpick brilliant contemporary designers who are strong interpreters of our philosophy and then combine their talent with the passionate House of Rym team. We consider each House of Rym collection as a special journey and we want you to join us along the way.

how it all began

House of Rym was founded in 2011 by Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef. After travelling around the world, discovering different cultures and societies we fell in love with Sweden. We were amazed by how the cultural heritage and way of life is present in both design and products – everywhere you go.

So we got an idea: Why not combine the ancient Tunisian craftsmanship with the special Scandinavian feel for design? And the rest is history.

We started our very first collaboration, with the talented designers Elisabeth Dunker and Anna Backlund. The result was a playful, eclectic style in a unique and original way – and no taboos. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Mixing rather than matching. The House of Rym was built.